Reaching Out To Your Plumber



plumber in cork

Going into business should be an exciting and fun experience; you’ve done your research and found the location that fits your needs, now all you have to do is relax and wait for the clients to come . In reality, however, opening a business can turn into a nightmare when your business location runs into plumbing problems just like mine did.

Was your plumber completely to blame, or could he have done more to communicate the problem? We’ll admit, we’ve seen some unbelievably bad burst pipes before, however i can’t help be feel this could have been been avoided had the previous owner taken more care with what they were flushing down the toilet.If you’re finding it difficult to communicate your needs when looking over some property before you buy then try these tricks:


call a plumber

Bring a Plumber – This is one of the easiest ways to get exactly what you want and gives you piece of mind. On the off chance that you don’t know a good plumber, then ask a family member or some close friends to recommend one. Try to find a plumber with a good reputation, then let him tell you if the property has a good drainage system…

Be- Patient – It’s his job to know what property will work best for your specific needs. They have trained for years to master this craft. They will ask you a series of specific questions then let them do the rest. If you can communicate all your needs then it will make it a lot easier in the long run. The worst experience usually happens when you try to micro-manage the task; this atmosphere makes it extremely difficult for any professional to be creative and do our best work.

Think about your Business – If you want to be a stylist then don’t lose focus of this. You need to take care of your clients first. This is where it’s important to be flexible and to listen to the advice of others.

Keep Maintenance in Mind – So you decided on the move your business, now you’ll need to commit to maintaining the property. We totally endorse spending time and energy on your clients but you will also need to be careful of what you are putting down the drains. The is the number 1 problem facing many business because of the resulting expense. Remember if you take care of your salon you will not need to make the same mistakes i make an have to fork out your hard earned money on a plumber.